• MH 240 Series

    Premium Print-Head Technology “Thermal Smart Control”

  • TSC Mobile Printers

    Ideal for printing receipts on the move

  • TSC Label Barcode Printers

    Industrial models for the most demanding applications

  • TSC Wide format Printers

    Print up to 219mm Wide (8.64″) at up to 600 dpi

  • Alpha 2R Portable

    TSC’s smallest and most affordable mobile receipt printer

Label Barcode Printers

Techspan distributes a large selection of TSC label barcode printers. Industrial Printers for factory environments, Desktop Printers and Mobile Printers for receipt printing.

We stock Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer Printers.

All from your one-stop TSC Label Printer webshop.

TSC barcode systems ensure error-free end-to-end identification, resulting in improved quality control and significant cost savings.

Label Applicators / Rewinders / Dispensers

Techspan Industrial Printing Systems, supply a range of blank Label stock and a range of Label Applicators, Label Rewinders and Label Dispensers.



Tin cans

Plastic & Glass jars

Lay-flat packaging sachets

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Techspan Industrial Printing Systems, distribute a wide range of thermal print media – including –; TTR for Small Core Printers 12.5mm core, TTR for Flat Head Printers 25mm core, and TTR for Near Edge Printers 25mm core, in both standard black & colours. And to compliment your TTR we supply a range of Blank Label stock.

Techspan manufactures all ribbons in-house.

Ask us about our ‘Private Branding’ – we can run your company name on the ribbon leaders and label the ribbon with your own company information.

TSC Industrial Label Barcode Printers

TSC Mobile Receipt Label Printers

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