TSC has over twenty years of experience as a leading manufacturer of thermal label printers. Our world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities combine to offer the best value available for thermal label printers. The TSC brand represents that our customers are receiving the most durable long-lasting label printers with the lowest cost of ownership. TSC thermal label printers are built to last, designed to meet your application needs, are affordably priced, and feature a two-year limited warranty.

TSC label printers are either direct thermal only or with thermal transfer / direct thermal configurations.

Direct thermal and thermal transfer are two different printing technologies that are used to create a variety of printed materials, this includes labels, receipts and barcodes.

Direct thermal printing uses heat to create images on specially-coated paper or film. The printer has a thermal printhead that contains hundreds of tiny resistors. When an electrical current is passed through a resistor, it heats and causes a small dot to appear on the paper. The pattern of dots is what creates can produce black-and-white images and text.

Thermal transfer printing uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon to a label or other materials such as paper, plastic and metal, depending on the grade of the ribbon. The printer has a thermal printhead that heats up a small area on the ribbon that is made up of a wax or resin-based ink. The ink on the ribbon melts and is transferred to the material. Thermal transfer printing is more durable than direct thermal printing and can produce high-quality images that can be resistant to fading and abrasion.


Techspan Industrial Printing Systems distribute a comprehensive range of TSC Thermal Transfer & Thermal Direct Label Barcode printers. Techspan also offers a range of printer spares, print heads & associated accessories.

Techspan manufactures an extensive range of Thermal Transfer ribbons ( TTR ), in all grades, for all label and barcode printers, in all configurations – including Near-Edge, Wax, Wax/Resin, and Full Resin. High-quality high-performance thermal ribbons for barcode & label printers, thermal coders, signage, graphics and, data ribbons.

  • Wax ribbons are the most common type of thermal transfer ribbon. They are relatively inexpensive and produce good-quality images. However, they are not as durable as resin ribbons.
  • Resin ribbons are more expensive than wax ribbons, but they produce higher-quality images and are more durable. They are a good choice for applications where the images need to be resistant to fading and abrasion.
  • Wax/resin hybrid ribbons offer a combination of the benefits of wax and resin ribbons. They are less expensive than resin ribbons, but they are more durable than wax ribbons.

We convert all ribbons in-house using precision high-speed slitting machinery. We can ‘slit’ to specific customer requirements.


Techspan is a 100% privately owned ‘family’ business. Established in January 1979.

Our staff bring to our organization a wealth of experience and expertise in materials and processing technology – providing our customers with the benefit of expert applications engineering advice and product knowledge. Our strong management strategy will ensure that we continue to grow together with our customers.


Techspan Group supply high technology industrial products recognized for very high quality and innovative design.

Our products provide our customers with technological, and economic advantages.

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